Wine Update: reds/whites — on sale

By Mad Dog
Published: May 04, 2010

I have raved before about Chateau Magence. This white Graves is thin as a Riesling, just more structured, and it packs a deceptively gentle punch. In New York, you can find it at K&D Wines (1366 Madison Avenue, phone: 212 289 1818), where the 2008 Magence goes for $9.99 a bottle — an insane price for a wine of this quality. Buy a case, save 10%. (If you live elsewhere, ask the best wine store in town to order it.)

K&D is also having a Bordeaux sale. I’m buying the 2006 La Fleur Peyrabon Pauillac, which K&D is selling at $15.99. (Because it’s on sale, there’s no case price available.) The Peyrabon Pauillac couldn’t come from a better neighborhood — it’s grown on 2 hectares wedged between Château Lafite-Rothschild and Château Mouton-Rothschild. The experts say to lay it down and let a few years reduce the harshness; I find that 20 minutes in the glass will do the trick.