Who’d a thunk it? A Nora Ephron story you haven’t heard

By Mad Dog
Published: Jan 26, 2013

from Susan Braudy:

Nora and I were part of a small group of women writing for the Times Magazine who in the spirit of the late 1970′s gathered to petition the Times editors to hire more female freelancers.

We met for one strategy session at Nora and her then husband Dan Greenberg’s posh east side duplex.

As we were sorting out our coats piled on the marital bed, somebody asked, “Is that a gun under there?”

Nora pulled out a shotgun and said casually, “It’s not loaded.”

To demonstrate that fact she pulled the trigger, narrowly missing fellow writer Martha Lear.

Martha grabbed my arm and whispered, “Just walk me out of here, fast.”

I held her up, and we hit the sidewalk running.