Tattoo You

By Mad Dog
Published: Nov 03, 2010

So there you are at the biker bar, drinking the local brew but still feeling badly under-decorated. Or you’re at an airport terminal in a state that allows residents to carry concealed weapons, feeling like everybody can tell you’re a Volvo-driving, latte-swilling Yankee Democrat. No need to play the part of a wimp — not when you’ve got an instant tattoo up your sleeve.

That’s right, friends. Just slip on a Fake Temporary Tattoo Sleeve and — instantly — become One of the Boys. Amazon offers a bargain package: 10 sleeves for $15.99, with free shipping. And for women who like to strut their stuff, there’s a tattoo sleeve set for ladies decorated with birds and flowers, just $3.99 (plus $3.04 shipping). Righteous!