Quarterly: a small step for Jesse, a giant step for the Internet

By Mad Dog
Published: May 02, 2013

Gretchen Rubin, Tim Ferris, Cool Hunting, Amanda Hesser — not a shabby lineup. Well, move over, kids, because there’s a new member of the team: me. It’s like this: There’s this service called Quarterly. You pick a contributor, plunk down your subscription fee, and, four times a year, you get a mystery package. (If you sign up for me, you have a pretty good idea that it will rain some sort of culture on your head, but … you never know.) Hint about my first box: When it arrives, odds are good that many will be buzzing about this subject. I give you a deeper, smarter, possibly more fun look, and from several angles. But I can say no more. Here’s Quarterly. And here’s my contributor’s page, with a photo taken, for a fee that was a bitch to negotiate, by our child.