Peter Wolf: Extreme Fun

By Mad Dog
Published: May 27, 2010

Peter Wolf’s brief tour is ending, and weren’t we lucky to see him. He looks like a stoned hipster out of an R. Crumb comic — skinny, tall, all in black, dark shades, dangling hair, porkpie hat — but as a showman, there’s none sharper. He’s got bouncing leg disease that takes him all over the stage, his karate chops could take Elvis down, he’s the heir to James Brown in microphone manipulation — if he works on his spin moves, he could do some damage as an NFL running back. Soul, R&B, country: He did it all. My wife nailed it: “This is like watching Mick Jagger… from 10 feet away.” Okay, you missed him. Make do with Midnight Souvenirs and Sleepless.