My Weekend: A Wedding on the River

By Mad Dog
Published: Aug 14, 2011

My wife’s sister has been married for 25 years. She and her husband re-upped at few years ago — at the Elvis chapel in Vegas, of course — and, last weekend, they did it again, this time at a Tara-like B&B on the Ohio River. Look back: Kentucky tobacco fields. Look over: Indiana. Mid-view: barges moving up-river. A horse and carriage delivered the bride. The "minister," an old friend, had online credentials.The ceremony was heartfelt and raucous, two words never before seen in a single sentence. During the reception, a half dozen guests marched in wearing Royal Family masks; the Queen of England led the conga line. After, on my brother-in-law’s deck, he told the joke of the night: "I asked a man how long he’d been married. He said, ‘Twenty years.’ I asked: ‘To the same woman?’ He said, sadly, ‘No. She’s changed.’" Kudos, Linda & John.