Matt Damon/Paul Greengrass: First See ‘Battle of Algiers’

By Mad Dog
Published: Feb 28, 2010

The screenwriter of “Green Zone” (in theaters on March 12) describes it as “Three Days of the Condor” meets “Battle of Algiers.” Hmm. “Green Zone.” That’s Iraq. Title put you off? You avoid “political” movies? No matter — you’ll see this one. It stars Matt Damon. And was directed by Paul Greengrass, who collaborated with Damon in two small films you may have seen: “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” (He’s also the director of a great, neglected film called Bloody Sunday.) If you haven’t seen it, you have homework for “Green Zone” — Battle of Algiers, the greatest political/war movie ever made. Your reward for Remedial Viewing? The “Green Zone” trailer….