Manu Chao is coming: Get your tickets now!

By Mad Dog
Published: Jun 16, 2011

Manu Chao is coming to America, and if you want to know why you should care, just watch the start of this video, making sure your eyes and ears are wide open at the 2:15 mark, when Chao and the band go into hyperdrive and the audience becomes a bouncing, screaming mob. 

Who is this guy? You could know him as the producer of Amadou & Mariam’s great CD, Dimanche a Bamako, or of their son’s new release, SMOD. And then there’s his solo career — cheat sheet and video here. Tickets on sale now.  And then, in September, he’ll be playing Boston, Philadelphia, New York [We are going to see him in NYC on Monday, September 5], Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago. You have all summer to get in shape for this. Use your time well.