Kenny White Takes Comfort in the Static

By Mad Dog
Published: Apr 07, 2010

When last we heard from Kenny White, he was tough on himself (“I’m getting tired of coming close/
Tired of the chances I don’t take”), determined to do better (“You got a brain, you got style/
So you might as well put it on the line once in a while”) and reveling in the absurdity of young women at bars with shirts so short you can see the tattoos in the small of their backs. Now he has a new CD, Comfort in the Static — and I’m happy to report he’s the same delightful mess. Tough on himself? “I’ve suffered fools, mostly kept them at bay/ ‘til the biggest one showed up in my mirror today.” Determined to do better: “Let it go, it’ll all work out/ faith is the handsome brother of doubt.” And digging the absurd: “You google your own name, you get Kenny Rogers or Kenny G.” Gotta love him.