James Joyce: Celebrate ‘Bloomsday’ on Sunday, June 16

By Mad Dog
Published: Jun 15, 2013

Frank Delaney is one of those Joyceans who can recite ”Ulysses” from memory. Share the knowledge? Try and stop him. Every week he invites listeners to join him as he deconstructs the book line by line. And they do, by the thousands — his podcast is about to hit a million downloads. What’s the attraction? Maybe that he grew up in Ireland and lived in Dublin, reads Greek, Latin, old Irish, new Gaelic, colloquial and expressive phrases in both English and Irish, and created “Word of Mouth,” the BBC’s award-winning program on language. Tenacity? Frank has just finished Chapter 3; at this rate, he’ll finish in 27 years. Even if you loathe James Joyce, there’s magic in his voice. To experience Delaney on Joyce, click here.