Italian Gourmet — At A Discount

By Mad Dog
Published: Feb 14, 2010

Gustiamo — the ultra-special Italian importer of artisanal food — meets you half-way (maybe more). The ladies write:

10 years of a $15 flat shipping fee — no more. If you place an order on, shipping charges are now calculated on the basis of how many items you are purchasing. This is how it works now: base shipping charge is $5.75, with $2.00 increments for every item and a maximum of $19.75. This means that if you buy only 1 item (hope not!), shipping charges are $7.75; if you buy 20 items (hope yes!), shipping charges are maximum $19.75. This is for ground delivery. Of course, if you are in a rush and prefer to have your order shipped overnight, you still have that option.