If you’re an asshole, Sprint’s for you

By Mad Dog
Published: Jan 02, 2011

I am a connoisseur of stupid commercials, but the holiday Sprint commercial stands knees and ankles below the dumbest. The set-up: two neighbors, one standing in front of his holiday-lit house, one — Mr. Asshole — standing in the street. Mr. A has just texted that his neighbor’s house is an eyesore. And he has just e-mailed that his neighbor’s holiday card is ho-ho-rendous. For the neighbor, what was said is all that matters. Mr. A only cares that Sprint gives him one low price for lots of features.

This ad tells us that Sprint cherishes customers who are socially inept and pathologically hostile — or, to put it simply, assholes. We currently use Sprint. But we get the message: our personalities are too good for this carrier. So…we’re outta there.
What asshole approved this disaster?