Health Care & Mozart

By Mad Dog
Published: Aug 11, 2009

My rant on health care inspired more reader comment than any piece in the five-year history of this site. I’m not surprised. Health care is a moral issue. An economic issue. And a national security issue — as a threat to the country, health care costs make terrorism look small. I didn’t expect to read so much agreement about gutter politics and irresponsible media. And I was saddened to read so much despair about the prospect of an intelligent political solution. But I was cheered that so many of you recognized that one way to fight this despair is to seek out beauty — like the Mozart violin concertos. Finally, a short history lesson on Leadership. I looked up John F. Kennedy’s 1961 confrontation with U.S. Steel, over its announcement of a price rise. You want to see executive power in action? Read this. Finally, thanks to all who understood that I wasn’t violating my no-politics covenant. If anyone has the right to bend the rules, I’m that guy — but I’m not doing it, and I don’t intend to.