Head Butler 2.0: What’s In It For You?

By Mad Dog
Published: Jun 04, 2009

The point of cosmetic surgery is to make you look as if you’ve had a good night’s rest, not as if you’ve been lifted by cranes. That’s what I wanted from a new, improved Butler, and that’s what the exceptionally talented crew — that’s you, Eric, Sunil, Erin and Litza — at the Book Report Network created. What’s in it for you? Now you can print reviews. The RSS feed is back. And, most of all, YOU CAN NOW SHARE BUTLER WITH REMARKABLE EASE. Yes, you can now forward to a friend, and more: You can Twitter, Twig, Facebook, Delicious, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg and Buzz Up. And signing up for the Newsletter is now as simple as typing in your e-mail address and clicking. Is there anything left to do? Yes, and it’s a favor — would you share Butler? I’d be extravagantly grateful. And your friends and family will, I hope, be impressed by your good taste.