Going to Paris? Don’t Make This Mistake!

By Mad Dog
Published: Aug 01, 2010

E-mail from a reader: Back in the 90s, I had a copy of An Hour from Paris and enjoyed the couple of trips I tried out. Just prior to a recent Paris trip, I figured one of Ms. Simms’ trips would be perfect for my wife, our nine-month-old, and me. But when I packed the night before our departure, I couldn’t find the book on our shelves! Then I remembered — after spending all of 2007 in Paris, and for some reason having not gone on any "An Hour from Paris" trips, I decided to leave the book behind with a friend. 

Fast-forward to 2010. We arrive in Paris. Because I refused to abandon
my plan to take one of the "An Hour…" trips, I set out to Paris’ many English language used book stores to find a copy. After visiting ten —  yes, TEN — stores, I finally found a copy (which I will now always treasure, and will NEVER leave behind in Paris again).