An iPad case that looks like a leather-bound book

By Mad Dog
Published: Dec 10, 2010

This season, it looks as if “everyone” who doesn’t already have an iPad will be getting one. Know this: The iPad isn’t fragile, but it does need some protection. And there is your chance to make yours…special.

The BookBook is a zippered and padded leather case made specifically to give stylish protection to iPads. Handmade, so each is, as they say, “very unique.” Rigid, as a cover for a hardcover “book” should be. Useful in a second way, as an iPad stand. And, as a third, as a decoy to foil would-be thieves — I mean, who’s gonna steal a leather-bound book? The BookBook comes in black or red, and that is the hardest decision you’ll confront about this cool gift.