Garland Jeffreys: ‘Not getting any younger, but not feeling very old’

By Mad Dog
Published: Jul 25, 2011

Heading out to see a 68-year-old rocker, you can’t help but ask yourself: Can he still do it? Last weekend, in a delightful bandbox of a New Jersey club, on the hottest day of the year and working under lights that added a few degrees, Garland Jeffreys proved he could — and then some. Working with a band of astonishing crispness, he rolled through his new CD, his greater hits and a golden oldie; he even jumped off the stage and sang on a table. It was a life-affirming, righteous performance — his wife, who has no doubt seen him perform before, jumped out of her chair and danced — and you won’t be wasting your time if you check his tour schedule to see if he’s coming your way.