Crowd Funding: Garland Jeffreys and Ann Medlock

By Mad Dog
Published: May 15, 2013

Garland Jeffreys, friend of the site, is a kickass ageless rocker who can’t stop creating. His last CD, The King of In Between, went into heavy rotation when it was released and hasn’t slipped off my personal hit parade. Now he’s raising money for his new CD. But click on his picture and let him tell you.


Ann Medlock, also a friend of the site, is the force behind The Giraffe Heroes Project, which identifies and honors people who stand up for what they believe — people who stick their necks out. Now she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund "Two Tall Tales," a popup book for kids that shows how the giraffe got its long neck — by being brave and caring. She’s made a terrific video to pitch her project.  And, if you’re moved, help her move.