Blogroll: I Love Paris

By Mad Dog
Published: Mar 02, 2010

…and so I have a crushette on Nichole Robertson, an American copywriter from New Jersey who gets to live in Paris for several months a year with her husband and two sons. Nicole has a jeweler’s eye, a advertiser writer’s crisp prose, and priorities I admire: “Paris is a big source of inspiration to me, but unlike the stereotypical Francophile, I could care less about the fashion, the diet paradoxes or the "hot" spots. I like the way the light hits the centuries-old buildings, the unique juxtaposition of ancient and modern, the appreciation for beauty, the attention to detail, and of course the food.” A number of sites — Bonjour Paris, first and foremost — offer sprit-refreshing virtual visits to Paris. Add Little Brown Pen to the list — and to the Head Butler blogroll.