Alice Hoffman: Shame on You!

By Mad Dog
Published: Jun 29, 2009

The Boston Globe reviewer didn’t like Alice Hoffman’s new novel. This happens. Hoffman was unhappy. This also happens. But then, in a Twitter post, Hoffman called the Globe reviewer, Roberta Silman, “a moron” and said she wasn’t qualified to criticize her book. (In fact, Silman has had a respectable literary career. Look for yourself.). And then, in another Twitter post, Hoffman published Silman’s home number and urged readers to call and “tell her what u think of snarky critics.” That strikes me as the media equivalent of right-to-life crusaders publishing the home addresses of doctors who perform abortions — I doubt Hoffman’s fans will call, but still, that’s unforgivable. In response, I won’t be reviewing Hoffman’s book. And I’m sending this post to her representatives in the hope that they’ll pass it on with this message: “Alice, want to explain yourself? I’m listed in New York. Feel free to call me. So we’re clear: every word will be on-the-record.”