A Week Away

By Mad Dog
Published: Aug 27, 2013

You get to North Captiva Island, Florida by flying to Ft. Myers, taking a half-hour cab, then making a fifteen-minute crossing by boat. On the island, it’s golf carts. No cars. And… nothing. No shopping. No people. Think: the Hamptons, if a neutron bomb hit. Seriously, at night we saw lights in only two houses. At one of the three restaurants on the island, the cook also served dinner. No waitress? "If you’d reserved, I would have called her." I read 2.5 books and wrote a lot, but mostly I played games in the pool with the child, floated in the bathtub-warm gulf, had monosyllabic chats in the hot tub with my wife. And then we returned to our new apartment, cranked up the new CDs and moved a gazillion books from boxes to bookshelves. Glorious, all of it.