Morning Jew


When my wife worked in an office, she’d turn the television on as she dressed. Her favorite show: “Morning Joe.” Not because she liked it. Because it made her nuts.

From my desk, two rooms away, I could hear her shouting at Joe Scarborough and his guests. I knew that, before my wife left for work, she’d come to my office and rant.

Those rants were eloquent. Sometimes I took notes. Sometimes I used what she said in my writing. I began to think of us as the Fitzgeralds: Zelda and Scott.

Soon I had an idea for a site: “Morning Jew.” A daily fact-based rant. A punch in the nose to received wisdom, inadequate fact-checking and blatant lies.

In my enthusiasm I bought the URL for Only later did it dawn on me: I was already working long days, and “Morning Jew” was one project too many. It would require more than typing Zelda’s rants. Worse, it wouldn’t make a dime.

So I’ve tucked it into I’ll show up here from time to time. And I’ll take Mika Brzezinski’s blooper as my calling card….