'I have no business praising myself to you. But who can I trust to do it for me?'
-- Marcel Proust


Jesse-best-photo-color-2014.ret_.gray_Hello. And welcome to my web site. Which is an odd thing to be typing, considering that I worked in online media for decades before I launched this site.

An early adopter of the Internet yet slow to make an online home for himself — how does that happen?

Oh, very easily.

I still use the AOL e-mail address I had in 1994.

For most of this century, I’ve had a cell phone thick as a brownie, with the numbers of ‘my five’ taped to the back.

I post on Twitter, but I still believe that 1,000 words can be worth more than a picture.

And since 2004 I’ve had an online cultural residence, stocked with books, music and movies, at Head Butler.

It goes without saying that I don’t like cat videos and lists. Or political writing by professional pundits. Or writing in which the word “journey” appears.

So you’ll see none of that here.

What you’ll find:
— a list of my books and buy links.
— a page about one book in particular — my most recent book, “Married Sex.”
— a page of links to my journalism, with a selection of “Greatest Hits” at the top.

Writers live for interruptions. (Well, me, anyway.) If you write me, I’ll respond.